I've met and loved many doodles along the way, and I really admire their personalities.  They're funny, sweet, and smart, and the usually don't trigger my allergies (although some do, and when they roll in something else I'm allergic to, it definitely can cause flares in my sensitive skin).  I've had the pleasure of boarding, training and socializing with many doodles.  They're eager to please most of the time, and they love to be told what a good dog they are.

My first favorite doodle (ChaseyPoo in white) was a boarding guest who I did some board and train work with before his family moved away.  I'd hoped to help him fit their lives better.  Through a tragic twist of fate, after my heart dog died, I reached out to his family (who had long since moved away) to find out where they bought him, and I found out that they'd purchased him at a now closed local pet store, but they were looking to rehome him!  Well hallelujah he found his home right back here, and he's everything that's amazing about doodles and dogs in general.  I couldn't be more grateful to his family who was willing to go out of their way to make me and Chase very happy for the rest of his life.  Right after he was certified as a Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Chase was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma  (March of 2019), and had his leg amputated right away and started chemotherapy.  We are spending the most quality time with him we can while he's feeling good.  You will see him riding along with me anywhere I'm allowed to take him.

Smokey (grey doodle),  Bertha (black doodle), and Delilah (AKC brown phantom poodle) are the foundation of our breeding program.  They were selected for their temperament, health, and coat type associated with decreased shedding and allergies (although any dog can trigger allergies in someone allergic to them).  Smokey and Bertha have had their hips checked by our vet via X-ray, as will Delilah when she's old enough.  All three have had DNA tests and are clear for over 160 medical conditions- all that they can test for.  All three dogs receive training and social opportunities through the kennel, and they all love to learn and live to please.

Smokey has a very loving and alert personality.  He loves to go for runs beside my bicycle, participate in obedience and just for fun agility classes, and he's a great uncle and friend to the younger dogs in his life.  He is a very snuggly boy, and he will stare right into your soul with his big brown eyes.

Bertha walks on clouds with the greatest prance, and she's a good time all the time.  The personality of this girl is PERFECT!  She will happily play ball or frisbee until you're sick of throwing for her.  She's never met a friend she didn't like regardless of the species.  Bertha is full of kisses and never wants to disappoint.  She's my favorite, and I'm not ashamed to say so.

Delilah is the pretty one.  She's also the baby of the family, born November 2018 to a highly respected breeder in Delaware.  Her mother is a hunting dog, and even hunted while pregnant with her litter!  Maybe that's why Delilah doesn't act like a baby, and sometimes we forget she's so young, because she's brilliant, bold, sassy, and loves to play with other dogs.

There will be update as the dogs grow and accomplish things over time. Feel free to stay tuned to our Instagram page @CrotchfeltDoodles and our Facebook Page for the kennel will also feature them on an ongoing basis as they're part of everything we do here.